The goal was to create unique modern self-service checkout

The client was a retailer of a self-service checkout that wanted to produce their own product and present it to their partners in Sweden. The process of creation started from the inside-out knowledge of owned products. Strongpoint has introduced the operating principle of checkouts. The main competitors in the market were the strongest brands in the world Wincor, NCR and ITab.

This is the "creative kitchen" - the design work usually unseen to the client. We may say that creative sessions are probably the most important in development of the product. We sketch, we discuss, we argue, we observe, we do whatever it takes to brainstorm the ideas. Then we select.

We do hand drawn sketches as the most efficient way to visualize ideas, provide design guides and character of the product

Scale models from the foam and plastic were made to discuss the possible differencies, advantages and disadvantages. Tangible models let us to continue our journey with some new insights.

Digital sketches and 3D rendered visualizations gave more volumetric precision and options for innovation

Real size model with integrated LED lights was created. Together with the client we could examine the product from different points of view. Real scale prototype was an effective way to discuss details, possible ways of production and make required changes in advance.

Series of visualizations were made to represent the product and choose the best features

We were here through the whole process of the manufacturing to complete each detail of the product to perfection. Collaborative teamwork with engineers, constructors, manufacturers, and client led to the release of real self-service checkout with enjoyable usage in the multiple shops around the globe.